Project thinkers young centre to care for the talented

My project encourages and develops diverse and inclusive communities through talent because our project primarily cares about those who have the talent or genius, who will be of interest and love because they will be a successful tool for the project.
It doesn’t help to accept someone who doesn’t have the talent for the position because the project will fail. As mentioned earlier, we will establish strict guidelines on racial and sectarian discrimination.

When talent is a big title, any racial or sectarian discrimination collapses in front of it, because any group that prefers race, color, and racism over talent and originality, is a failed society that cannot rise, as we see the rest of the developed and developed society. Rather, societies will remain captive to disease, ignorance and poverty, and politicians and opportunists will exploit them and steal the country’s wealth, and ignorant people will help them in that without knowing.
Therefore, the importance of this project is that it will address these problems from the roots by using these talented and geniuses when we help them support them and put them on the right path, and we will see impressive results when they are in control.
Where a person cannot be honest and honorable without having the talent and experience to lead anything because some problems will appear to him and require him to solve them quickly before things get out of his hand and only a genius can do that.

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